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How Can Individual Psychotherapy Help?

People come to individual therapy for a wide variety of reasons. Some are experiencing intense symptoms of anxiety, depression, or concerns about body image or sex. Others come to therapy because they are recovering from a bad breakup or are experiencing loneliness or bereavement. Still others come because they are experiencing difficulty in a current relationship (e.g., a family, romantic, or work relationship) and are trying to figure out what to do. How individual therapy can help differs widely based on the issue of concern, yet almost all who enter counseling are feeling confused, scared, and are unsure of what to do.

I commonly work with people in a way that helps them to avoid acting on assumptions, and that helps them clarify what they think and feel and to express these thoughts and feelings both to themselves and others in a clear and secure manner. Sometimes this involves the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the clinical application of stoic philosophy (see Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations on which Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is partially based). In other circumstances we might explore how your past history may influence relational patterns that occur in the present, and we may endeavor to make sense of intractable or complicated relational issues that you are struggling with. In still other circumstances you may be best served by my guiding you through processes of acceptance and change, as is often the case in situations involving break ups and grief.

I often hear from people that they feel that they are the “only one” to experience various kinds very personal difficulties. You are not the only one to experience difficulty and confusion in your life, and you are welcome in my practice.

Do you think therapy might be right for you?