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How Can Couples Psychotherapy Help?

If you are experiencing difficulty in a relationship, know that you are not alone. Many people in long-term relationships come up against intractable problems at some point. I see couples for concerns about infidelity, sex, escalating conflict, diminishing connection, concerns about parenting and disagreements over major life decisions. Sometimes couples come for counseling because they are considering divorce and are trying to decide if they will proceed.

Although all couples are different, most come into counseling because in trying to address issues of concern, they are troubled by the recurrence of unproductive arguments that never seem to lead anywhere. In such situations, couples are having difficulty addressing deeper core issues with the result that such issues never get clearly revealed or resolved. This results in growing emotional distance, escalating turmoil and the fraying of the relational bonds.

Depth-oriented couples therapy is designed to assist individuals in discovering, revealing and resolving subtle or “deeper” insecurities that underlie unproductive arguments, communication difficulties, decreased intimacy and increased volatility. When clarity about the deeper tensions underlying relational conflict is gained, a variety of solutions and new ways of interacting readily present themselves.

I conduct depth-oriented couples counseling in a direct, compassionate, down-to-earth manner. I recognize that anxieties underlying problems like sexual concerns, escalating conflict or emotional distance can be very intense. In therapy we will approach these issues intentionally and thoughtfully, and at a pace that you are comfortable with.

If you have concerns about sex, infidelity, escalating conflict, decreasing connection to each other, or conflict avoidance know that you are not alone, and that you are welcome in my practice.

Do you think couples therapy might be right for you?